Atlanta Superbowl Case Study LIII


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Atlanta Super Bowl LIII

The Wireless Guardian Sentinel is multi-module system that covers a 3000 meters and was deployed in a triangular pattern to assist in passively locating all wireless devices within its coverage area.

Wireless Guardian successfully deployed its first active system for the 2019 Super Bowl in Atlanta GA. The Sentinel was deployed around an anonymous high-profile facility in downtown Atlanta and was in operation before, during, and after the event collecting live data.

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Download the Feb 2019 Case Study

Download the Feb 2019 Case Study


Public Safety is a Priority

The 3-Module Wireless Guardian Sentinel includes three mobile modular units mounted to vans and consists of five components:

  • Pedestrian Tracking: CCTV Camera System, Facial Recognition Capable, Target Tracking Capable

  • Device Tracking: Three sensor banks with location capabilities track which pedestrians/vehicles containing any and all devices.

  • Drone Deterrence System: Tracks drones and their radio controllers the same it would track other devices. Drone jamming capabilities also included.

  • Smart Public Safety Network: Enhanced Public Safety Network offers location capabilities and enhanced communication with the radio operator/command center, offering real-time location of all PS radio systems.

  • Weapons Detection: Uses infrared and thermal imaging to passively scan pedestrians and vehicles for weapons.

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Download the Case Study deck and make an appointment to see a customized Sentinel demo in action.