Protective Zone 1

Signal Intelligence Perimeter

Patented WG Radar/Beacon System locates and identifies devices in the area.

• Identifies incoming threats prior to existing venue security measures.

• Integrates with federal and local law enforcement lists for potential target intel.*

• Operates in real-time and provides location information to within 3 ft.


Protective Zone 2

Video Intelligence Perimeter

Inner perimeter enhances Zone 1 target tracking with a smart video camera system.

• Video camera system captures real-time images of identified targets prior to the target entering a venue security checkpoint.

• Target information, video, and thermal images are shared with venue security management in real time.


Protective Zone 3

Security/Law Enforcement

Venue security is heightened with the addition of critical system intel.

• Allows security personnel to physically identify threats and take the appropriate defensive measures.

• * Wireless Guardian integrates with Homeland, Federal, and State watch lists pending qualification by DHS.


Technology Differentiators

Real World: No other company is allowing for this much intelligence to be gathered and provided to the security officers assigned to protect a facility. The ability to vett everyone and everything in such a comprehensive way is only offered by Wireless Guardian and is the future of security and investigative efforts.

Device Identification: Allowing for a device to be associated with a pedestrian as they enter the coverage area changes the way we can track pedestrians. All hardware communicating with their device associates it by its MAC address. Once we know that ‘John Doe’ (Wht M, 6’2”, Blue Jeans, Red Shirt, White Shoes, Black Backpack) is carrying MAC ‘X’ we can track their movement easily by that address, description, or facial recognition.

Accuracy: The recognition technology performs at greater than 99% accuracy in bench-marking datasets.

Strategic Go To Market: The Company is strategically aligned with DHS for credibility and mass exposure to the proper customer verticals