Market Analysis


Security: With the rise of attacks in our cities, at public gatherings and celebrations, at our schools, and on our citizens, we must be able to protect the public in a better way than we are today. Traditional methods of security (frisking, metal detectors, pat downs, detainment, etc.) supported with camera systems are no longer enough. The ability to passively vett and track every pedestrian, vehicle, iOT, RFID, or device in real time in order to offer critical Signals Intelligence data is a necessity..

Investigatory: The ability to record the activity of an area has been available for decades; methods include surveillance teams/vans, hidden cameras, hidden microphones, phone ‘bugging’, etc. With the advent of the iOT age, coupled with the fact that almost every pedestrian is carrying a cell phone or other WIFI/RF capable device, the ability to track the movement of assets, or ‘things’, is becoming just as important as the ability to track a person of interest.

There is no current platform that allows the ability to place a mobile system into any area of interest and track everything the camera CAN and CANNOT see. Example: Which backpack is the computer in? Which car is the terror-watch-list bad guy’s phone in? Which pedestrians are concealing a weapon?


The Wireless Guardian system allows security personnel to ‘see’ and ‘track’ a crowd, or a situation, in a whole new way. State of the art video feed analysis, including target tracking and thermal weapons detection, is coupled with the ability to ‘see’ and triangulate any/all RF compatible devices (Signals Intelligence), allows for a new understanding of the movement of devices within the crowd, and which pedestrians/vehicles are traveling with which devices, which pedestrians are traveling/talking together, etc.

In addition to video surveillance abilities, Wireless Guardian is able to track ANY devices with, or capable of, an IP address, MAC address, Bluetooth, RFID, iOT, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, etc. Examples: Smartphones, Public Safety Radios, 2-Way Radios, Flip Phones, Tablets, Computers, Printers, RFID Tag’s, Vehicles, Cameras, Drone’s, Recording Devices, etc.


Market Size

Security Spending by Segment, 2016-2018 (Millions of Current Dollars)